Here’s Some Essential Hacks to Safeguard Your Car Paint from Fading


Apart from routine car maintenance, a car’s exterior as well as interior also matter in designating a car’s value. However, if reselling is not a concern, you deserve to drive a car that does not appear outdated, even well ahead of its timeline.

In this scenario, you have to be aware enough to keep your asset so that it does not lose its real attraction even for an extended period of time.

You have probably noticed a substantial fade on many vehicles, especially those that are not taken cared of well.

Although the car paint will fade sometime in future but, you can delay the fading process and can definitely keep the car in its brand new condition by some essential hacks.

To be honest, a car’s exterior is not immune to fading but right and preventive steps usually prove to be effective in a long run. You can preserve the exterior paint while applying some viable hacks.

Let’s have a discussion on the potential threats to a car’s paint.

Along with applying a remedy to a problem, you need to look out for the causes of concern also.

There is a huge list of threats that have an adverse impact on the car‘s exterior.

1. Ultra-violet rays -

The sun's heat, in terms of ultra-violet rays, does the major damage. Oxidation hits hard on paint, as it signifies a chemical reaction of oxygen and metal in the presence of heat.

It is essentially a type of corrosion in which paint dries out as a result of losing its oil content. Although this process happens gradually, the results could be disastrous.

Over a period of time, a car under the influence of oxidation starts to appear dull. Paint loses its shine while colour appears faded and rusty.

Oxidation generally damages the clear coat, which can permanently remove the paint and make the car's body vulnerable to rust.

Remedy for ultraviolet rays - The best way to deal with ultra-violets is to avoid parking directly under the sun. However, if you cannot avoid this completely, try to utilize the car cover.

Besides, some paint coatings offer invaluable resistance against ultra-violet rays. The ceramic coating proves to be a great shield for UV rays as it reflects the UV rays and protects the surface from oxidation.

2. Some chemicals, both invited and uninvited -

When a car hits the road, obviously it is going to deal with the chemicals in the environment. There are plenty of pollutants and biochemical residues. However, a car might receive a lot of damage when they stay for a long time on a car’s surface.

It goes without saying that a car hitting the road will release chemicals into the environment. However, if they remain on a car's surface for a long time, the car could sustain significant damage.

Your car needs frequent car wash, just as people should regularly bath.

If you have been driving your car regularly, it requires regular cleaning. A rested car too needs to get a wash once a fortnight. The finish of your car will deteriorate if you frequently expose it to chemicals.

You must choose a clear coat over your car's paint that will protect it from corrosive chemicals if you want to avoid this.

Remedy for chemicals – In addition to routine washing, there is another task that must be accomplished to prevent the need for car polishing. While hindering the clear coat and removing the protection that is present in your car finish, car polish can temporarily increase gloss. Consequently, the effects of ageing make the car paint quite exposed. If you need any type of car services or repair including car tinting service, car mot check service, oil and filter change service, windscreen replacement services, service my car provides you hassle free pickup and delivery at the nearest car service centre.

3. Environmental waste –

Pollutants are an inclusive part of the environment as your car is exposed to the air, salt, bird droppings, and insects. They can also be part of your car’s paint damage.

However, there might not be a major impact while pollutants stay for some time, but an extended residual is a concern. It surely needs to be taken care of from time to time.

Remedy for environmental waste and bird droppings - There is no way to remove environmental waste, bird droppings, or any other pollutants without a car wash. Therefore, just take these things into consideration. You can take professional help from Service My Car.

Waxing is a far better product than car polishing. Waxing actually adds a new layer on top of the car's finish, providing additional protection over the paint. Waxing won't remove any of the surfaces that are typically caused by abrasion.

However, it is advisable to use wax in excess as it can make change a car’s original look.

Even though you can't stop time from passing and your car's paint will eventually fade, you can definitely slow down this process by giving your car the proper care.

You can also prevent the paint on your car from fading by utilising the services of car detailing at Service My Car. A detailing job includes precise cleaning of the exterior, including wax finish, and some minor repair works at the surface.

Service My Car provides you with a professional car tinting and detailing service so that you can take care of your car properly. Book a car service or order a car repair quote on our website or app anytime.

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