Online Training Courses in Platelet-Rich Plasma Application


Online Training Courses in Platelet-Rich Plasma Application (PRP)
Fractional thermolysis and plasmolifting.
Plasmolifting is successfully combined with fractional thermolysis both in laser rejuvenation procedures and in the treatment of acne and post-acne scars.
Plasmolifting – subcutaneous injections of own blood plasma. The names plasma therapy and prp therapy are also used.
The combined effect of plasmolifting with laser fractional rejuvenation is due to the fact that when exposed to a laser, the dermis tissues warm up, and the plasma is activated when heated.
PRP therapy and fractional thermolysis procedures can be carried out in one step, provided that the doctor observes a number of precautions.
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So, in some cases, the papular technique of plasma injection is unacceptable (close to the skin surface), since the laser affects the moisture evenly contained in the tissues and in the presence of subcutaneous papules with newly injected plasma, there may be a burn. Therefore, if thermolifting is planned immediately after plasma therapy, then plasma injections are injected with such peculiar "bumps" - closer to the muscle, further than the depth of penetration of the laser beam.
With fractional rejuvenation with a neodymium (Nd) laser, injections of a small amount of plasma can be performed before the procedure. Neodymium penetrates deeply, the plasma warms up. The feeling after such a procedure is like after tanning in a solarium: the face immediately acquires a healthy blush, a pleasant warmth is felt in the face for 4 hours, a lifting effect appears. At the same time, the procedure itself lasts only a few minutes.
In the treatment of post-acne scars, plasma injections can be made under the scars, then laser rejuvenation can be performed. Plasma is the strongest activator, contains many trace elements and also boosts the immune system, the recovery process is more intensive, the scars are leveled faster.

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